REACH Aboriginal Leadership Circle (RALC)

REACH Aboriginal Leadership Circle (RALC) programs help urban Aboriginal peoples reconnect with their cultural roots, make stronger connections in their communities and learn skills to help them take on leadership roles.

RALC initiatives during 2010-2013 were evaluated using Social Return on Investment (SROI).

SROI analysis shows:

  • for every $1 invested in RALC projects, $2.50 is returned to the community in added social value;

  • $982,150 is the avoided costs of high school drop-out;

  • $361,000 is the avoided justice costs;

  • $591,000 in increased income for participants.

Download the RALC Evaluation Report here.

REACH works with various partners on various projects.

Oskayak Youth Leadership Program

Edmonton Police Service is working with Aboriginal partners and REACH to build stronger relationships, build capacity and have a greater understanding of the Aboriginal communities in Edmonton.

Aboriginal Training

REACH Aboriginal training focuses on providing information to build understanding of the historical and contemporary trauma impact of colonization on Aboriginal clients and its practice implications for Aboriginal client services.

Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program

REACH provides support to the Federal program delivered through Boyle Street Community Services that provides mental health and emotional support services to eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families throughout all phases of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement.