REACH Immigrant and Refugee Initiative (RIRI)

REACH works collaboratively with immigrant and refugee agencies and community leaders on identifying issues in communities and solutions to address them. REACH works to improve communication, linkages and capacity building among stakeholders.

Family Violence In a Cultural Context

The REACH Immigrant and Refugee Initiative (RIRI) group determined immigrant and refugee families needed more support:

  • to reduce family violence and build capacity within organizations and community

  • to improve access to services and resources

  • to men and their families

REACH Immigrant and Refugee initiatives were evaluated after three years, using Social Return on Investment (SROI).

SROI (2010-2013) analysis shows:

  • for every $1 invested in RIRI projects, $1.28 is returned to the community in added social value;

  • $293,000 is the avoided justice costs;

  • more than $1.6 million in increased income for participants.

RIRI Partners:

  • use workshops, community gatherings, Newcomer TV and other methods to engage and educate cultural communities;

  • engage and educate cultural and faith leaders.

Download the RIRI Evaluation Report here.

The TEMBO Project

Working together with the Oromo, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Sudanese and Somali community animators to build youth capacity and develop relationships with the Edmonton Police Service.

Activities include the Police & Youth Engagement Program (PYEP) - Police Academy, field trips, and community gatherings which engage youth, their families and police.