The Ambassador Program - a partnership led by the City of Edmonton, the North Edge Business Association and REACH Edmonton - provides an on-street presence and service that aligns with hospitality, community connections, information sharing and Business Improvement Area (BIA) efforts.

The partnership works closely with numerous stakeholders including the Downtown BIA, Chinatown BIA, Rogers Place, MacEwan University and Edmonton Tourism, among others.

The program consists of ambassador teams who walk through Edmonton's city core every day. While walking, the team engages with people who live, work and visit the area, educating and connecting them to services and/or resources.

Ambassador teams welcome Edmontonians and tourists to Edmonton during events, as well as promote local Edmonton activities and businesses throughout the year. These actions are critical factors for enhancing and strengthening business and social agency relationships, program outputs and community impacts.

This program is being piloted in response to the significant development and revitalization in Edmonton's inner city. Ambassador teams are one way we're building community well-being and improving the public perception of our city core.

The ambassadors are an extra set of eyes on the street, connecting residents, businesses and visitors to the information, supports and services that they need, which contributes to making these neighbourhoods safer for everyone.

Ambassador teams are widely used in city core neighbourhoods and business districts to address the mixed needs of everyone who uses the area. They help us better understand existing and emerging needs in these transforming communities. The teams are helping reduce the gap between what people need and what they know exists to help them.

The program operates within the boundaries of 109 Street west to Jasper Avenue south to 107 Avenue north to 97 Street east.