First Annual REACH Rendezvous

Edmonton, November 29, 2010: Please join REACH Edmonton at the REACH Rendezvous. Our members and guests will gather to learn more about our initiatives, to hear from people whose lives we're helping change, and to find out about our future plans. Date: Wednesday December 1, 2010 Time: 4:30 - 6:30 pm, program starts at 5 pm Location: Sutton Place Hotel, Winterlake Room REACH Edmonton is our city's new community-based council working to make Edmonton a safer place to live, work and play. In our first five months of operation, we're already building a culture of community safety and crime prevention. We've launched numerous community safety initiatives including: • a unique model for 24/7 service delivery to people in need; • a multicultural domestic violence program. Both projects invest in prevention and support our city's agencies, organizations and community groups to work together in new ways. These projects represent 2 of the 9 REACH Report recommendations; all of which REACH Edmonton will work to implement. Visit to read the report in full. Interviews will be available with REACH members - including service providers who can talk about REACH initiatives and the change these will mean for people who are at-risk and vulnerable in Edmonton. For additional information please contact: Kate Gunn, Executive Director 780-442-5422 Highlights from REACH Edmonton's first 5 months in operation: 24/7 Service Delivery: REACH has worked with community partners to develop a unique model for 24/7 service delivery. It will provide help - when and where its needed - to people who's immediate safety is at risk, or to those who need support for their on-going well being. 24/7 service will decrease the demand for medical, police and judicial intervention, providing both social and cost savings. Edmonton Stop Marijuana Grow-Ops Coalition: REACH now coordinates this coalition, comprised of 30 stakeholder groups and representatives from health, real estate, energy and government. The coalition works on many fronts to deter grow-ops. Out-REACH: Every community in Edmonton is unique, so a blanket approach to safety isn't the answer. REACH will work with individual communities, providing them resources; to help identify and clarify problems and to find solutions to make their neighbourhood safer. Schools as Hubs: REACH is working with Edmonton Public Schools and Edmonton Catholic Schools and other community partners to develop three school Hubs. Children and families can go to a school Hub for help and support - to be connected to a spectrum of services before crisis is reached. School Hubs also provide innovative, critical-hours programming for children, teens and families. What is REACH Edmonton? REACH Edmonton is a community-based council aimed at making our city safer, with the focus on prevention. REACH connects the dots: working with organizations, agencies and community groups; bringins them together to implement their innovative ideas aimed prevention and crisis response. But we're going further than that. We're opening doors for all Edmontonians to get involved, building new relationships with individuals and groups. REACH is a catalyst: engaging all Edmontonians, guiding a culture shift to the prevention of crime; helping locate funding sources to implement new ideas; integrating efforts to increase efficiencies, and make it easier for people at risk to get the help they need. REACH Edmonton, as a centre of excellence around community safety, is leading a coordinated effort to research, plan, implement and evaluate the most innovative ideas around prevention and safety; ideas that come directly from the community. Where did REACH Edmonton come from? REACH Edmonton emerged from recommendation 7 in the REACH Report, the final report of Edmonton's Taskforce on Community Safety. Recommendation 7 calls for a new coordinating council for community safety; one that's community-driven and apart from any order of government; one that will play a lead coordinating role to integrate the existing work already being done toward making Edmonton safer. And that is now REACH Edmonton. REACH held its first foundational meeting in June 2010.