Police and Youth Engagement Program (PYEP)

The Police and Youth Engagement Program (PYEP) - a week-long summer program - gives youth and police officers a unique chance to communicate one-on-one, build positive relationships and learn from each other.

The program aims to bring police and youth together, remove misconceptions on both sides, build trust, and create a safe and comfortable environment in which dialogue can occur. It is focused on equipping youth with the tools and skills to become leaders in their own communities.

PYEP allows youth to become ambassadors within their own respective communities and also expands police knowledge about certain ethno-cultural communities and the issues that affect them. This is crucial for youth from war-torn countries such as Iraq and Syria who may have trouble connecting with community and police in Edmonton.

"PYEP has validated youth at a vulnerable age and stage in their lives and given them a sense that they can be engaged citizens and valued leaders in the community." - Ann Goldblatt, external evaluator

This community-led initiative, coordinated by REACH Edmonton, is supported by the Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Police Foundation and City of Edmonton.