Practice as Ceremony Cultural Support Services

The Sun Dance teaching is an analogy to teach Practise As Ceremony; describing the way we should practice with our families in ceremony.

In the teachings of the Sun dance we learn about the roles of the dancers and everyone else involved in the Ceremony and how that relates to our families.

The roles of the sun dancers are interchangeable, one day we are the service providers and the next day we may be “service users”; the ones needing help, self-care, and support.

The facilitator uses the Sundance as an analogy to teach “Practice is Ceremony.” She describes the way we should practice with our families in ceremony by describing the Sundance.

• At the center of the Sundance is the Tree of life, the focal point of the ceremony, we tie flags offerings to the tree to symbolize prayers

• Our families are like the dancers coming to us with prayers, they are being asked to make sacrifices. We should treat them with honor and respect.

• We are the helpers; we man the home fires and assist with the children, while the dancers dance.

• The stick man in the ceremony is like our leadership- Reminding the dancer and everyone else, why they are there and encouraging them to go on.

• The host is Bent Arrow, without a host you cannot have a ceremony.

The facilitator describes the roles of the Sundance as interchangeable, one day we are Services providers the next day we may be “Service Users” the ones needing help.

When we engage in ceremony with our families we become connected to each other.


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