REACH Aboriginal Leadership Circle (RALC)

The REACH Aboriginal Leadership Circle (RALC) was a three-year pilot project that took place between 2010-2013.

This initiative targeted people who chose to be engaged and who wanted a greater sense of community connection, as opposed to those at high risk of criminal involvement.

RALC programs helped urban Aboriginal peoples reconnect with their cultural roots, strengthen connections in their communities and learn skills to help them take on leadership roles.

RALC initiatives were evaluated using Social Return on Investment (SROI).

2013 SROI analysis showed:

  • For every $1 invested in RALC projects, at least $2.50 was returned to the community in social added value
  • $982,150 was the cost avoided of high school drop-out
  • $361,000 was the avoided justice costs of participants
  • $591,000 was the total increase in participants' income