REACH Edmonton developing 24/7 model for high-needs populations

REACH Edmonton is excited about moving forward with the 24/7 service model that will help expand current services to at-risk citizens. Since September 2011, REACH has been collaborating with its partners to create real-time information sharing systems, expand outreach services in inner-city areas and move toward the creation of a physical facility. This work has resulted in a partnership to create an iPhone app to help different agencies share information in real-time about the availability of services in various centres. For example, outreach workers, police and emergency service providers using the app will know exactly how many beds are available at any inner-city centre with real-time accuracy. REACH aims to increase capacity and support the outreach work currently being done by Edmonton agencies. REACH is releasing a Request For Proposals in the near future, calling for the provision of outreach services on a 24-7 basis. “We value our close working relationship with the EPS, in particular with Chief Knecht, who sits on our board,” said Jan Fox, Executive Director of REACH. “We agree that there is a need to provide greater help for vulnerable citizens.” REACH will continue to work with its partners to realize the goals of the 24/7 initiative which include the release of the iPhone app, expansion of outreach services and the creation of a physical space for at-risk citizens. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Andy Bialowas at (587) 986-4041. -30-