The Sexual Exploitation Working Group (SEWG)

The Sexual Exploitation Working Group (SEWG) is a leadership group working collaboratively to create awareness of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, and its causes and impacts.

The SEWG is a collaborative of community partners, law enforcement, municipal and provincial government, and REACH Edmonton which work to:

  • Facilitate information sharing regarding prostitution, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking concerns
  • Raise awareness of contributing factors and support community and political response in addressing them
  • Identify and work with new partners and community stakeholders as needed

The group is concerned for those who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and sex trafficking due to age, financial desperation, migration, homelessness, prior childhood abuse or neglect, mental or physical health conditions, intergenerational trauma or any other circumstance that contributes to vulnerability.

The group coordinates an annual Sexual Exploitation Week of Awareness (SEWA) in April. The goal of this week is to raise awareness and educate the public about sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in Edmonton.

Community Action Plan - Implementation Team

REACH Edmonton was part of the 11-stakeholder core team that worked on guiding and supporting ACT Alberta in identifying gaps and strengths in the response to sex trafficking in Edmonton.

The core team provided suggestions for how the community can prevent and reduce sex trafficking locally.

This resulted in the development of the Community Action Plan which includes both short- and long-term actions in relation to the four identified priorities:

  1. Increase awareness, education and training
  2. Focus on children and youth
  3. Improve service provision through collaboration and community engagement
  4. Address underlying structures and systems