Dr. Gabrielle Betts

Dr. Gabrielle Betts has a PhD in Political Science with a specialization in Political Economy from Carleton University, and holds a Project Management Professional designation. She has dedicated her career and community involvement to increasing social justice for marginalized populations.

Dr. Betts' career journey has provided opportunities to work in several Government of Alberta ministries including Health, Community and Social Services, Education, and Status of Women. Her work with Health involved contributing to the Continuing Care Strategy: Aging in the Right Place, which shifted Alberta's elder care system toward a more client-focused continuing care approach.

Dr. Betts' work with Community and Social Services involved project management of numerous projects to prevent and address homelessness, in alignment with A Plan for Alberta - Ending Homelessness in 10 Years. Her work with Education involved leading the expansion of Regional Collaborative Service Delivery to First Nations children, youth and their families on reserve as part of the Memorandum of Understanding for First Nations Education in Alberta.

Dr. Betts is currently Director of the Violence Against Women and Girls Unit of Status of Women, where she leads policies and initiatives to reduce gender-based violence. She is proud to be leading this work as it is critical to the attainment of gender equality given that, as long as gender-based violence continues to exist, gender equality will remain out of reach.

In the community, Dr. Betts has served on the Board of Directors for Sage Seniors Association (SAGE) since 2015. At SAGE, the belief is that all of us - regardless of age - have strengths, abilities, and gifts to share, and that everyone experiences vulnerability at different times and in different ways as we transition through life.