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Coalitions Creating Equity (CCE) Alberta is a province-wide community of practice that supports the advancement of all equity issues and greater awareness of the human rights of Albertans. In collaboration with Shiloh Centre For Multicultural Roots, a self-paced learning program for individuals, organizations, and others who are interested in gaining more insight into ways to combat hate, racism, and discrimination was created, complete with video modules and a curriculum guide.  In addition to the training tool, Coalitions Creating Equity Edmonton interviewed 18 individuals who had reported a hate crime or incident over the past five years in Edmonton to understand their experiences reporting and how organizations responded to them. They followed up with a results report and recommendations.

These projects resulted in a training curriculum for free use by organizations in the community as well as an executive research summary and report.

CCE Training Module Curriculum

Video Training Module 1

Video Training Module 2

Video Training Module 3

Video Training Module 4

Research Report

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