Wraparound Edmonton, or WrapED, is a partnership of six Edmonton organizations working together to help young people (between 12 and 17 years of age) affected by violent crime move away from the threat of gangs and learn to thrive in our community. REACH acts as the backbone organization for WrapED.

WrapED uses an intentional approach to help youth build meaningful relationships. Engaging one-on-one with a youth facilitator, WrapED youth:

  • Learn to understand their needs and develop goals to make positive life changes
  • Identify a personalized care team that will provide the long-term supports they'll need to make that change

WrapED is unique in Canada.

The six WrapED partners integrate services, using a collective impact approach to bring the most effective supports to some of Edmonton's most at-risk youth. This initiative is one of 14 selected by the federal government out of 168 proposals from across Canada. It is partially funded by Public Safety Canada, Crime Prevention, until September 2018.

How does it work?

  • Each youth identifies priorities and develops a personalized plan and support team
  • The "team" may involve family members, religious leaders, and/or service provides (i.e., addiction counsellors)
  • The "plan" could involve school and job supports, leadership and/or conflict resolution training
  • Youth facilitators use culturally sensitive and appropriate approaches
  • An Edmonton Police Constable helps make referrals and build positive relationships with police and community
  • Clinical psychologists provide counselling
  • Wisdom Keepers from the immigrant, refugee and Indigenous communities help WrapED youth connect with their cultures

What makes it different?

  • Each WrapED youth identifies his or her personalized team to provide wraparound supports
  • WrapED's youth facilitators receive specialized training; learning together as a team, building relationships and coordinating approaches
  • Youth facilitators are in continuous communication; sharing learnings and resources
  • Youth facilitators have lower caseloads; they have time to build trust with WrapED youth and their families to work together through difficult challenges

WrapED Partners:

  • Africa Centre
  • Edmonton John Howard Society
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Native Counselling Services of Alberta
  • REACH Edmonton
  • YOUCAN Youth Services

Referrals are always being accepted. Contact Holly Hallborg for more information on the referral process or the WrapED initiative.