REACH Immigrant and Refugee Initiative

As a result of the Framework Development Reflective session in June 2018 and discussions about culturally appropriate community building, a new approach was identified with this work that would merge both the family violence prevention work and Police and Youth Engagement Program to incorporate a holistic community development practice.



  • Support culturally appropriate community building through the natural support model with settlement and broker service systems.
  • Strong relationships between emerging ethnocultural communities and police services, Children’s Services and mainstream services.
  • Building youth capacity and leadership skills throughout the year within the family and community context.
  • Being responsive to emerging community groups that address community needs not provided by other agencies/services.
  • Identify and implement systems change drivers that create an environment that is conducive to newcomer and vulnerable population integration resulting in safer communities.
  • Continue working with other organizations that serve newcomers to find innovative solutions to the complexity of integration.
  • Engage community groups and various stakeholders in addressing issues around hate incidents/crime, discrimination, and racism.
  • Align strategies with all partners around healthy family outcomes



  • Improved communications, linkages and engagement among partners and key community stakeholders.

  • Increase the capacity (knowledge and skills) of community leaders to improve family health.

  • Well trained, cohesive team of community leaders and mentors.

  • Increased social supports for men, women, youth and LGBTQ newcomers.

  • Increased awareness of family violence prevention supports.

  • Improved positive parenting and communication skills.



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