Meet the Board: Shemine Gulamhusein

When Shemine Gulamain joined REACH Edmonton’s Board in 2021, she was excited to work with an organization with long-range goals. 

“I really appreciate REACH’s goal of building a safer city in over one generation,” says Shemine.”

“Being an active member of the community, volunteering on the board,  is one of the best ways to engage and reach goals such as this one.”

As the demographics of the Edmonton region continue to shift and change, Shemine believes that the connections and relationships REACH supports are vital to growing in a way that serves all Edmontonians. 

“I really think that being able to create networks and bring people together with common goals and initiatives is critical to engage in multicultural activities and allow the community to feel safe and heard and seen,” she says. 

Supporting families is an essential part of creating a wider culture of health and equality across the city, says Shemine. 

“I come from a child and youth care and therapeutic recreation background and those experiences are situated in working with children,youth,families, and communities,” she says. 

Shemine believes her multifaceted background and life experiences are assets that will help her serve the community on REACH’s board in an effective way. 

“I am familiar with the experience of being racialized and marginalized and how that can impact how we see ourselves in the wider community,” she says. “I’m excited to support all the work of REACH, but especially engagement with Indigenous and multicultural communities as well as the neighbourhood organizing initiatives.”



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