Computer Drive Aims to Connect Families with Essential Tech Resources

REACH Edmonton is collaborating with the Electronic Recycling Association to connect families with the hardware they need to stay connected to the education system and other online supports.


The Electronic Recycling Association approached REACH to utilize its extensive network of partners to address the overwhelming need for computers in the Edmonton area.


REACH is working with community partners to make sure the machines get to the families who need them most, but the demand is unending.


With more than 140,000 students in the Capital Region, the demand for hardware cannot be understated.


“You can give me 5 computers and I can place them or you can give me 5,000 computers and I can place them,” said Annette Malin, Manager of Community Strategies at the United Way. “There are hundreds of thousands of kids across the Capital Region, and new kids entering the school system all the time.”


Many vulnerable families need access to technology and internet as well, particularly with all students in Grades 7 to 12 being required to attend class digitally.


Some families have multiple students and are trying to attend schools on smartphones or only have access to pay per use internet. REACH Edmonton’s partners and the Electronic Recycling Association are working together to triage the needs and get these machines to the families that need them most in a timely manner.


To donate a computer to a family in need, please contact Kelly Holland at and a pickup will be arranged.



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