Meet the Board: Sandra Huculak

After joining the Board in 2020, Sandra Hucalak has deepened her understanding and appreciation of the work REACH does.

“I learned a lot about the breadth and scope of the organizations in the first year,” says Sandra. ”I found it inspiring to be immersed in some of the issues and challenges facing the community and see the role of reach as a convener.”

While Sandra was already familiar with the work of REACH, her service on the board has given her a deeper view of the community-level efforts happening across the city. 

“Coming into the board as a volunteer, you only know what you’ve read,” she says. “But in participating in discussions and hearing presentations, I’ve been quite moved by the opportunity to walk with giants. There are incredible people who are quietly doing extraordinary work in the community.”

Sandra has served in senior leadership roles in her career for the past 25 years, bringing her valuable leadership and business expertise to the REACH board.

She has experience working in the key area of bridging the divide between essential systems and vulnerable populations. In partnership with Boyle Street Community Services she led the creation of Canada’s first biometric bank in Edmonton, for citizens who are homeless or living in poverty. This service provided vulnerable people with much needed security for their money, while addressing the unique systemic barriers to accessing banking services in this community.

“I’m able to bring that level of expertise from the business and communications perspectives,” she says. “As someone who has spent a great portion of my career in health care, issues and challenges, I’m happy to be able to support the organization as we tackle some really tough issues.”

Serving on a board is a unique volunteering opportunity for a variety of reasons. 

“I’ve always loved being part of volunteer boards,” says Sandra. “They have incredible strength in that they’re able to bring diverse groups together while creating an opportunity to be real pillars in the community.”

Serving on a board is also an opportunity to gain leadership skills, share learnings and support the next generation of leaders in the community. It’s an opportunity to meet other people who care about community issues, expand networks and be a part of tackling the city’s complex issues..

“Personally I feel it’s a real privilege to participate and contribute to the REACH Board,” says Sandra.  “I’m really passionate about the incredible work this organization does in the community. REACH is tackling some of the city of Edmonton's most challenging issues.” 



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